Chair concept

I built this chair again with onshape (to r-only use my ipad) then I detaisl and render it under nomad. I love to combine the two (even though onshape is really complex).


how are you applying the roughness so evenly? is it a tiling stamp brush ?

This alpha with clay brush with drag radius méthode on a layer.


Love it. Looks like seating for children in a colonial drop ship. Or for grownups… Just reminds me of some of the more modern (injection molded) seating for kids that I’ve seen.

Is that so ? If you think you can post a picture please? (I did that anyhow lol)

I can’t recall what particularly comes to mind, but along the lines of:

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oh yes I was trying to make the material like in your second image.

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Drag radius method? What is it?

Oups, i mean GRAB not DRAG lol

Ah ok, thanks!