Centre gizmo when object is lopsided ? Other than manually

The scenario, creating a tire, stamping tread on the tire, and that obviously change’s the object’s centre of mass, so the gizmo moves to the new centre, I have a couple of ways I recenter the gizmo on a lopsided object, but just wondering what the simplest way is, Thanks

Hey, when the Gizmo tool is selected have you tried to switch off ‘Local’ from the side bar?

I just found that looking around, thanks very much exactly what I needed!

You’re welcome!

Radial symmetry is an option as well. The seams are challenging with stamp though.
I modelled the profile with primitives and used insert together with radial symmetry here:

I think @Holger_Schoenischka aka ProcreateFX made a tutorial on YouTube how to do it….well I would be surprised if not.

Yes, radial symmetry. Don’t forget to uncheck the mirror plane in symmetry options. Use radial only and use a seamless pattern

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Oh wow nice wheel! and yeah those seems are definitely a challenge, thanks for the great tips, definitely helped a lot.