Holding down "Pivot" while tapping (unselected) object to use it as centre point for gizmo

Apologies if a similar operation already is in place, but haven’t been to find it.


Do you need the point for the camera as center point or for the gizmo to move / rotate mesh … as new center point ?

No, it’s not about camera or viewport.

I am trying to use object X as a centrepoint / pivot point to rotate object Y.

I have attempted to see if the “Stab” options could do anything, but haven’t found out how it works / what it does. (ie. tapping on object X while in “custom pivot” mode with “stab” activated, just selects object X)

Am I doing it wrong?

It is not possible to place the Gizmo exactly on the center of another object by tap - manually it is possible. You need a small division at object X to get some kind of crosshairs when the wire is on.

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If you want to use the radial symmetry as a center of rotation on another object, use the Insert Tool + Clone + Snap and then the Gizmo.

Thank you Holger. I do it in a similar way to how you explain it in the video, but that is also why I asked for a function in the Feature Requests. Could make things like mechanical sculpts a lot faster.