Insert Tool - take over the symmetry of another object for radial symmetry

For objects positioned freely in space, it would be convenient to take the symmetry center of the object on which the snap function is applied.
It is very difficult to precisely position Gizmo symmetry edit to meaningfully apply radial symmetry at the insertion point.


Let me guess…haven’t tried it.
Before doing radial symmetry with insert, place the object on your cylinder like you finally would like to have one of your radial symmetry objects to be placed.
Now, change the pivot of the first object according to your green cylinder Center line.
Choose insert & clone and then radial symmetry……does this work?

If not, I guess something similar will work.
I’ll be back after testing……….

Here are my tests:

Well, I was somehow successful.
But I needed to activate “Gizmo Edit” in symmetry and align the Gizmo to cylinder.

So in steps:

  1. Create cylinder & box and rotate cylinder randomly
  2. Change box pivot to bottom of box
  3. With box selected, activate insert and clone
  4. In symmetry activate “Gizmo edit”
  5. Align symmetry Gizmo to cylinder.
  6. Insert boxes

Well it works somehow, but I failed in exact placing of boxes. This have to be done afterwards or with a more clever setup?

Thank you for the tests.
I already know about the Gizmo edit - that’s too cumbersome!
That’s why I would like to have an OVERTAKE of the local symmetry of the object where it is inserted.

Otherwise it is sometimes easier to cut off the object and edit it with Move Origin in the middle of the space and then reposition it.

Some align functions could do this job and a bunch of other as well.
If one could align pivots and “Gizmo edits” to other objects with one tap.
Align objects, align pivots, align gizmo edits and all this is done in seconds and much much more other tasks.

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