Camera focal lengths

Thanks for a fantastic app that never stops amazing me every time I use it!

I have a feature request that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere so I’m wondering if it’s not already there hidden somewhere.
Would it be possible to add a “Focal length” slider in the camera settings, with values that correspond to real life cameras focal lengths?

With FOV option you can kind of eyeball that, but it can be a bit confusing cause, as far as I understand, lower values correspond to higher real life focal lengths, and vice versa.
Or am I missing something?

This would be really useful for example to sculpt liking portraits basing them on real life pictures that were taken at specific focal lenght ranges. Or generally to have a more predictable result when modeling character faces.

Thanks a bunch!

The display value is a Vertical FOV.
I’ll see if I can display the value in mm next to the the fov slider name.


Oooh, I get it now!
Perfect, that table of conversion makes it already much easier to know what range of values to aim for when sculpting a portrait.
But definitely, if you could add the mm values it would even more clear.

Either way, thanks a lot for the clarification and again, for the immense work you’re doing with Nomad!

Note that it’s a vertical FOV only it the width is greater than the height (landscape mode).

In portrait mode, the value display doesn’t make much sense, I forgot why I did that but I should probably change that.

Got it! Good point! I hardly use portrait mode when sculpting but I will most definitely keep that in mind if I do :relaxed: