Perfect isometric camera angle

Hello - longtime lurker here! I’ve been loving everything the community has created.

I’m hoping someone can help me with my question.

I am trying to set up my sculpting workflow such that all of my meshes are created at the same camera angle and zoom distance.

Additionally, I’m trying to get a perfect isometric camera angle which I’ve found tough to achieve on my iPad, with no noticeable camera fine tune setting.

The end goal is to create 3D isometric characters and tiles for use in game asset creation.

So far, my tiles and characters have been slightly off from the perfect angles.

I appreciate any guidance!

Not sure if this helps but if you press and hold with your finger on the cube a small lock appears and the camera angle is locked.


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Hello Isaac, yes this definitely helps. I was hoping for numeric fine tuning so that the png export matched camera angle in the game engine.

No such option in Nomad.
But you can import a glTF with a camera in it.

For example in blender, make sure to check export cameras.


This may be the magic I needed - thank you! Any word on the pixel post-processing coming to iOS?

Maybe the video helps:
Nomad Sculpt - Save default ISO View template (experimental) (V1.65 -28.4.2022) - YouTube