Lens Change Upon Export

Hey guys, this was a problem a little bit ago and I read was going to be a fix but I’m still struggling with it. Screenshot is lens mm choice before choosing 4K export, then once the export is ready the lens length changes quite a bit and the distortion is pretty heavy. Any workarounds or plans to address this issue? I’m kind of sick of having to export only as screen size because it’s the only choice which is both a relatively good res and it doesn’t distort the lens.

Increase the size then, but keep the ratio.

I don’t understand your reply - every time I try to export other than screen size it distorts the lens I have set for export.

Use custom size and keep the same ratio as the screen size.

But I prefer 4K and more panoramic ratios. Is there no way to keep the distortion from taking place?

You can resize the window with stage manager.

Ok, thanks, I’ll try that. Do we have any idea at all why the distortion happens when we use the presets?

Because the FOV is linked to the screen ratio. That’s why we say vertical and horizontal FOV.
The vertical FOV actually stays the same.

Nomad isn’t doing a render crop but a camera resize (stuffs like vignette would break, etc).