Brushing/Sculpting experience

It would be nice to have an ‘ignore backface projection’ toggle on the bottom quick buttons tab. not an issue most of the time except when sculpting on shelled extractions (or just thin objects in general).

Currently, the Intensity and Radius curves don’t get saved on the system or file, so I find myself editing those curves before every session…a minor annoyance.

Would it be possible to have brush size preview in a fixed position (preferably bottom-left) when adjusting brush size? Currently it shows it on the last pick point, which is all well and good, but because palm rejection is kind of so-so, it always just ends up showing underneath my wrist where i can’t see it, so i always have to tap first before adjusting the slider…a slightly more than minor annoyance :stuck_out_tongue:

None of the brush settings are saved for now, but I’m working on custom/preset brush at the moment.

I don’t know if everyone would prefer that.
It’s something that I tried at first but ultimately I reverted the change.

Maybe in the future I’ll add more customization but for now I prefer to focus on other things.
Note that the scrolling is preserved so if it shouldn’t be too annoying to toggle this option.
I assumed you were talking about the “Front-facing vertex only” option or “Connected topology” (both at the bottom of the stroke menu).

“front-facing vertex only” Bingo, that was the setting i overlooked. :+1: