Brush Depth

Would really appreciate a depth setting for brushes, it’s a bit underrated as a brush feature but it’s incredibly useful for sculpting.

Zbrush implementation: Depth | ZBrush Docs

It essentially allows for the maximum and minimum of a brush to be clamped. It’s great for slowly building up while also smoothing brush strokes and works better than a strength setting in that sense. It can also act as a polish feature when inversing a brush.

It’s a bit hard to explain but it really does make sculpting nicer, so I’d appreciate seeing it in nomad. Especially since I tend to sculpt without a stylis.

I think the leader of this program is thinking about adding this feature. I wish dropwall be embedded in invorement

What is dropwall? You mean an environment sphere? You can do this using backface culling.

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Hello… I mean, I wish the wall drop and stage lights could be used instead of wallpaper and the whole scene wouldn’t fall on the screen and only the main object could be rotated.

I think it will be great if the stage lights and drop wall can be placed in the base background header