Beta test for iOS 1.66 (TestFlight)

I’d love to try this out… ive been dying for a functionable figure posing feature

could you add me?

I’d like to join the beta!

I will be stoked to be apart of the beta testing :raised_hands:

I would love to test out the new version. I’m somewhat new to Nomad (but not 3D modeling)

I want to participate thank you.

wow! thankzzz!! I’d like to join the beta!

Interested to beta being using nomad for two years it is now my primary Concepting long before Zbrush.

I want it!

You have my mail :slight_smile:

I want to participate in the beta test.

Hello, the invitation code has been redeemed. Can you send me another? Thank you​:joy::joy::kissing_heart:

I want to participate thank you.

Hello,I would like to test the beta.

I would like to join the beta

Can I have access to the beta?

I would love access if possible, Thanks!

Please add me to the beta test.
Thank you so much for this AWESOME app!!!

Please register me for the 1.66 beta /TestFlight.
iPad Pro 2022 12,9"
I am registered in this forum with my Apple Id


I’d love to try the new version. Just watched the southerngfx video on it an thought “gee, I could’ve used that on my last sculpt.” Posing 8 spider legs, tentacles, arms and hands can be exhausting doing it the “old fashioned” way. :wink:
Keep up the amazing work Nomads!

I want to participate
Very cool news stuff to test
thank you!
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