Autosaving file with no object in the scene overwrites previous project

I’ve just found a nasty bug. While autosaving file with no objects in the scene (you can’t save it manually, so autosave is doing it for you), it overwrites a project opened before.

In an example I have two files: sphere and box (contains an analogue objects). I’m editing only a box file. I’m not saving anything manually, autosave does it. I’m deleting box primitive, then autosave saves a project. I’m opening sphere project, then box project, which is empty but in the preview window you can still see a sphere project. I created a torus primitive and waited for autosave. Spoiler: box project is still empty and a sphere project now contains a torus.

I got some freeze in my recording file and on 0:13 there is an autosave (you can see the warning text dissapears and all save buttons are desibled a whole time when no object is present in the scene).

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Unless I’m missing something I’m not sure it’s really a bug.

The preview always shows the manual save, not the autosave.

If you discard the autosave, you can retrieve the manual save.

Maybe I’ll change the preview behavior thing in the future.

I’m not talking about preview. Overwriting previous opened project is more dangerous bug. This happen to me and I thought I’ve lost my challenge project because it was automatically overwritten. Thankfully manual save was untouched and I got it back.

You should disable autosave when there is no object in the scene.

As I showed it in the example, I’m not editing sphere project, only a box project, but in the end you can see that sphere project has changed, because when I’m trying to open my empty box project, it’s opening correctly (as there is no object inside), but in the preview you can see a sphere project (but it should be a box). So it acts like I’m editing box project (cause it’s empty) but saves are going to sphere project.

I wonder what would happen if I would make a manual save. Probably I would lost my sphere project forever.