Array on a Path

I think an array on a path tool would be handy.
It can be used to repeat a shape on a path. Imagine spikes on a stegosaurus as an example.

I know that a workaround would be to simply draw one item and copy it, but aligning multiple items and spacing them equally proves challenging to me.


It’s been requested but not sure if/when it would happen.
However, in the gizmo menu you can move it by inputing a number. It can make it easier to move it more consistently.


Thanks a lot @RogerRoger. I didn’t know about this. much appreciated.

I agree that would be cool.
The stroke options of SelMask available for insert and Spacing to control distance and number.
That would be cool.
All this with a preview before executing :vulcan_salute:


This would be an awesome feature I’d use a lot most definitely!

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