Are tubes with radius, profile and twist activated processor intensive?

I’ve been making a scene using lots of tubes. The tubes all have radius, twist and profile activated. The individual tubes are not particularly high poly, and the overall scene is not that large (about 500k), but my M1 iPad Pro has been getting surprisingly hot while working on it.
I was curious if using tubes with radius, profile and twist all activated is considered quite a high intensity operation for the processor. (I’m only using mat caps, no post processing etc).

x1 resolution in postprocess?

Otherwise editing a primitive is intensive (if it’s high poly, let’s say >300k, it should be lagging a bit during editing anyway), but once it’s generated it’s just a standard mesh.

Under quality it’s just the defaults (max frame sampling = 50, slider =1.25) (Post processing off)
Yes, the tubes are all in edit mode, I’m not validating until very end. The tubes are mostly in 1k-3k poly count.
Should I adjust the quality slider to 1 instead of 1.25?
If edit mode is quite intensive, that would probably explain the heat. Thanks

That’s not what I meant, when I say edit it’s when you move the curve, or interact with curve parameters, the primitive needs to be generated from scratch.
If you don’t interact with the primitive, it’s just a standard mesh, nothing fancy.

I was making lots of adjustments to the curves, radii, profiles and twist over an extended period of time, so that is probably why the heating occurred. Thanks for the clarification