App Price Increase

Controversial and unusual ‘request’. Cover the costs of further developing Nomad by increasing the price point, I personally think the effort of work you put into this software and the potential it has warrants a higher price scale to compensate the development and encourage further production of enhanced features - a pricing equal to ProCreate’s. Even if its just an increase for the iPad app only. This is just a splurged thought, but it’s targeting toward growth of the brand.


why not, you always have the option to make a donation or several donations. And I think, I hope some do (especially the pros). The price makes the application very popular I think and allows a lot of people to try to get started in digital sculpting.
But I totally agree with you that the application has reached a point where it has become a real pond for nomadic digital sculpting and even for pros who want to make rough drafts for their clients, the flexibility of the software linked to the ipad tool makes it incredibly fast, so encouraging pros to participate with a financial effort by opening up additional septic options for a fee could be a solution as well

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Especially on Apple devices, not so much Android - that really does encapsulate the smart phone market more, so charging more for Nomad there wouldn’t do much good because the level of work its capable of doing isn’t attainable. Glenn Southern recently benchmarked the new update and hit 32M poly’s on a sculpt using an M1 16GB - 40M and issues occur. But the fact that margin can be hit is incredible, the seeds of some very powerful portable 3D software is there. There’s still a lot to be done with Nomad before I think it can truly truly start to rope in those doing high industry work, but there’s signs and it’s encouraging. Attracting professionals and hobbyists is exactly how SavageInteractive got their foot hold with ProCreate and other software on similar grounds, Concepts being another - definitely is an avenue I think Nomad needs to head down eventually for it for competitively evolve and grow into something more over time. Agree with additional septic options, there’s a lot of ways Nomad can increase its financial growth, for now I a small hike up in the price for the iPad store would signal something to creative professionals, especially when it’s just below ProCreate at no.2 in the chart.

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