Silly but sincere concern over prize and or subscription model

I have been thinking about buying nomad and exploring some 3-D modelling on my iPad. I was thinking among forger and nomad however I just noticed that recently forger changed their model to a subscription one.
Since I am a student I can’t afford a monthly or yearly charge so in case nomad takes the same route as forger I would be in trouble. It has already happened with Notability and several other apps which was a huge bummer for existing users even though we can’t anticipate such decisions by the developer team. It should be a consideration.
I am up for one time buying but subscription somehow is a dealbreaker.
Any thoughts or feedback on this?

Subscriptions can be a necessary evil to fund development and ensure developers receive regular monthly pay. Whatever is chosen for Nomad’s future pricing can only be fair to help continue support & future development. Just my two cent on the matter.

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