Ambient occlusion broke

Bug reports

AO is broke on all my projects along with curvature - latest version. iPad Pro

Are you sure about the AO?

Yep all
Projects including blank new scenes AO does nothing at all.

But what do you mean by blank new scene? A sphere? What are the parameters?

New scene, add anything ( sphere, cube, old model, new model, pbr + matcaps) turn on AO it does nothing. All sliders do nothing.

Also painting is not working properly I have a lot of models not accepting any brush paint. I can flood fill but hand painting isn’t working in “some” situations. I’ll try to debug tomorrow if I have time.

Ao is working fine, and painting as well. I’m pretty confident about these two. Only the curvature is completely broken.

(Unless you got an Android device with a specific graphical bug but that’s another story).

For paint, double check you are not on a layer or with depth filtering enabled, or that the model has masking.

As for AO I need screenshots, if you only have a primitive on your scene obviously AO won’t have any impact, like before.

Ill send images soon. But yeah I understand the AO logic, I use it everyday… It is doing nothing. Unchanged. At all, no darkening. I may try to delete and redownload. But I can assure you for me it’s does litterally nothing at all since the update.

Better than screenshot would be a small project, that way I can have all the settings.

Make sure to disable curvature.
Note that the compositing for AO changed slightly but only for unlit and matcap (and it should be subtle Ambient Occlusion is desaturated - not responding the painting information - #2 by stephomi)

I have non of your issues except curvature. iPad Pro 10,5” 256GB
So I am wondering if it’s your iPad, or your Nomad installation?

I am sure you have done all regular iPad shit like:

Switch it off/on

Do a force restart , on my old iPad it’s holding off button+home button for several seconds.
For devices with no Home button:

  1. Press and release the Volume Up button
  2. Press and release the Volume Down button
  3. Press and hold the Power button to restart your iPad.

This can help. A complete backup and reinstall is something I wouldn’t do one day before a deadline.

Haven’t heard of a single time where a nomad reinstall was useful.
The only thing that might be useful is to rename/delete some folders in Nomad folder, it’s basically the same as a reinstall.

Ok so created a new scene this morning to test stuff.

Simple box, sphere etc. they are refractive in the images but opaque same result. You can see the settings and no change in visuals on my version of nomad.

Good news for the painting however that’s all good after a close and reboot of my iPad. AO however didn’t fix with that :confused:

Ok. .AO ‘maybe fixed???.

AO is broke UNTIL I add a NEW primitive to my scenes. If I add a new sphere all settings turn back on. Then save the scene and it stays. When I do this for each scene, it fixes the AO.

Why do you think that is?. The new object kicks the post back into working somehow?. That is also what fixes the paint issue in my scenes. Adding a new primitive.

Weird but relieved those are fixed. Once curvature is back I’m good to go!

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Refractive objects are not taken into account for AO, same as before (I just checked to make sure, but it supports shadows and dof though).

If you can reproduce the bug with only opaque object, just send the me file (Files → export glb → mail

What is the paint issue? Just send me a file with a reproducible scenario. It’s a bit confusing so far :stuck_out_tongue: .

Almost 100% sure it’s not the reboot that fixed the issue (just rebooting Nomad should be enough).
It was probably an option somewhere.