[1.77 beta] Ambient occlusion seems don’t work

Checking AO don’t affect the elements. The scrolls seem blocked or freezing. In this capture only seems affect the back element and the front element not. The same happens using presets or not.

It’s the max value.
The ao effect didn’t change.
(note that the reset button is broken atm).

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Ok I understand it’s not fixed yet or I’m doing some combination that block it?. With these values seems some AO works but its ok by the way.

« Not fixed yet » → there is no bug (except the reset button).

Curvature bias is probably way too low.
Also disable texture/painting in shading menu to see how it looks.

Interesting to see how nothing changed but you are lost because the slider UX doesn’t give any hint on min/max range.

Now all is unchecked except what you see on the capture.
1.76 imho works better I guess or something I’m doing wrong.

Just download back 1.76 then.

Bear in mind that AO works in conjunction with Environment lighting. If you disable Environment lighting you won’t get any AO. In areas lit by direct lights the effect of AO is less visible.

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I have a sunlight only and environment is on but I will test more deep

AO also depeds of sizes scene. Try to switch to solo and play with AO settings. Then after you setup AO save a scene preset and try to switch it from “None” to your preset.

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