Adding a backdrop to scene creates strange artifacts when post-process is enabled

Whenever I add a backdrop and post-processing is enabled, I get these weird lines all across the model, as if they were reflecting something, only there’s nothing to reflect. It happens everywhere, no matter the material or color used, but some are more noticeable than others (I’ve highlighted them in the picture).

If I remove the backdrop, which is just a white curved plane behind the model, they disappear. Any hint on what can be the issue? I mark this as a bug, as this seems like something’s wrong with the way Ambient Occlusion and reflections are calculated. If I’m wrong or there’s something I can do, just let me know or close the topic.

I’m using Nomad Sculpt 1.90 for Android Samsung S8 Ultra tablet. If you need more information, let me know.

Thank you!

I have something similar and is AO settings, tuning the settings I minimised it. Are you tried on/off the settings?

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Your ambient occlusion bias curvature is much too low.

You’re right! I had it at 0. The issue is that at 0 I get the strong effect I was looking for to really highlight the wood carvings, so now they are not that strong. Is there any way where I can achieve this same effect by tweaking any other parameters of the post-process panel? Or maybe modifying the scale of the model so I have more margin with AO parameter values?

Thank you so much!