Can I borrow Nomad’s effects into other programs?

I made a sculpt I want to render in Blender. I usually use some convoluted combination of matcap shaders and vertex paint but in this sculpt I heavily leaned on AO and Curvature. It’s really hard to replicate that style in PBR blender. Is there a method to transfer post process? Stupid question, I know. But there a chance for everything.

No you can’t do that.

There is a postprocess AO in blender but it will have a different effect.

yeah, it’s really different for sure! =) I’ve been fiddling with AO node but it’s hard to match the bias from Nomad. Do you have some experience with that stuff? If you’ve got some i’ll be so grateful

In case you don’t know you can boost the ao strength in blender with a value higher than 1 (by the keyboard).
By adjusting the distance, you can get something a bit similar maybe.

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Yeah, but it has more effect on overall size rather that curvature bias.

I found a solution, although a convoluted one. DIdn’t know i can export Nomad’s camera.
I made two renders, one in Nomad, second in Blender with no materials. Now i’ll try to combine them in compositing