Curvature / bump - additional settings

Hey love the new curvature/bump post FX.

Curious if we could request more features to this?. Id love to be able to push this to thicken the effect.

So far the effect is really nice but very subtle, any sort of increasing of strength + size would be great. Also maybe specifying what angles the curvature to can draw from. in the past ive had to had draw the the lines on the model, but if this becomes a little bit more customizable i could use this primarily for the line art i do.


Stroke width would be awesome, and curvature bias like in ambient occlusion.
I am working with line renderer for a decade. Some custom made and Illustrate! at the beginning.
Concepts are all similar and consist of several steps.

1 Silhouette / outline around object
2 curvature bias lines
3 border (if two objects sticking together, the border is drawn)

Following options are not useful for Nomad
4 crease / smoothing ( you can define fixed lines at the border of different smoothing groups)
5 material change

I haven’t checked zBrushs line renderer. In fact, more line rendering options, best with quick different presets adjustable “under the hood” would benefit one of Nomad target clients = Illustrators!

Talking about ambient occlusion - you have the chance to emphasise black lines with ambient occlusion. Put strength on max and size and curvature bias on min. Ok, the result is not that crisp. Maybe the option to put size smaller than 0.030 would help there as well?
Just some thoughts. I guess you know them already.

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If a line thickness for curvature is “easy” done, it would opens new possibilities for a bunch of illustration like render styles.

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