Better ambient occlusion

The ambient occlusion radius and details are inconsistent with the camera. It would be better if ambient occlusion worked similar to sketchfab.

hbao and some screen space cavity slider. yes

Yeah, the AO implementation seems off. I haven’t been able to find a good combination of settings to create convincing ambient occlusion. It’s either too subtle or just looks very wrong. Not sure what’s up.

The implementation is more or less the same as the one in Sketchfab, since both are based on SAO (

But yes there is a bug, I’ll take a look.

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I actually find the AO to be rather effective. I rendered a couple examples


With AO Settings

And sort of splitting the difference

I find adjusting the curvature bias helps in getting good results. I’m also not sure how the AO is calculated, but the density of the mesh seems to affect the result (but that’s just a hunch.)

Like any renderer I find it takes some adjustments to get it where I want aesthetically. (I have a harder time getting my Cinema4D renders where I’m happy with them. Hah)


But in my case it’s kinda different

Without ambient occlusion, using zWhite matcap

With the ambient occlusion enabled

Same ambient occlusion settings but zoomed out

Yes the current implementation is a too aggressive on the blurring, so it doesn’t keep edges.
Also it run at half resolution to make it worst.


Before/after, for next release.


Oh nice. Much better!