Ambient Occlusion is desaturated - not responding the painting information

Noticing right now that AO is rendering brown/grey/black. So regardless of the underlining color the AO will display as a desaturated shadow layed onto the model. so the color blends out to a desatured shadow which creates an odd effect.

So for a purple paint, the AO would be a darker purple, red would be a burgundy color. The shadow would likely apply as " Overlay/multiply/soft ligfht" - this way the darkening of the AO would take the color underneath to create a more accurate simulation of AO.

Current implementation appear to overlay a standard grey->black AO. Would there be a way to set a blending mode?.

For now I won’t give more control to the SSAO (or the other postprocess).

Note that It’s not just a darkening, I’m using a certain formula that depends on the color.

However I only use it for PBR, not matcaps or unlit, but I will probably use it as well for these mode.

(simple darkening on the left, nomad on the right)

ok sounds good. ill give another go. i could also render out a while frame + the AO and tint in procreate as a workaround. thanks for the info :slight_smile: