Am I able to edit UVs Manually?

Hello Nomad Sculpters,

I am wondering if I am able to edit UV’s somehow in Nomad sculpt? If not is there another software on ipad that has this ability?

Thank you in Advance :slight_smile:

Via facegroups - the facegroups are the UV islands.
For map editing - CozyBlanket App.

Thank you for the quick reply Holger, I will look into both of those.

Much appreciated.

I am not sure, but maybe try to rename one of the objects…

I actually figured it out. You need to replace the uv map from photo app. For some odd reason changing the uv map from the files app affects both objects. Oh and by the way great work with your videos. Very helpful.

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I can’t get the face groups to accurately represent the uv map. It kinda follows the groups but not really.

Just tested this again and the BFF unwrapping follows the face groups but not the uv atlas.

Both UVAtlas and BFF splits UVs at facegroups.
The difference is that BFF tries to minize the number of islands while UVAtlas ensure correct deformation (to detriment of number of splits).

If your facegroup are carefully setup, BFF might do the job just fine.

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