Adjust UVs

I am trying to use the UV tools and its putting seams in inconvenient places and I cannot seem to figure out how to edit the UVs. How do I edit the UVs?

Can’t edit the UVs. The auto solution was a fix to allow export to Procreate on iOS. If you need better UV support then it’ll have to be on Pc/Mac.

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Thats what I ended up doing. It was mostly out of curiosity to see what kind of workflow I could get on iPad. But yeah the one on Nomad is not very usable so I will stick to using Nomad as a sketchbook and color within the app. Also the lack of symmetrical painting in Procreate was also a negative point.

Oh well no worries

The UV unwrap was included mostly for Procreate.
And I found that Procreate handles well the seams.

Procreate is pretty much the only texturing tool on iOS.
There is armor paint as well but the overall UX is a turn off for most people I suppose.

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ArmourPaint makes me want to crunch my iPad into a ball :unamused:. Nomad > ProCreate workflow is lovely to utilise, major part of my pipeline at work.

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Unfortunately that has not been the case for me. When rendering, I can see seams visible all over the model which make it borderline unusable.

With the release of CozyBlanket, we can do retopology on the iPad
We can sculpt with Nomad
And we can paint with Procreate (Although I prefer working with materials and smart materials)

Most everything is there. I just need a good UV solution on iPad.

In Nomad or Procreate?
Sure you didn’t enabled “normalize uv” in Nomad debug menu?

I don’t have such issue, I would be curious to know more.

Also if your mesh is a single patch, you can the alternative unwrap method (see Debug → bff unwrap). More distortion but less patch.

For some reason I did not got the reply notification. This is what happens when I use the tool. It kind of creates this here. The lines where all the seams are can easily be visible in Procreate even if it is all the same color

You are showing me a Nomad screenshot.
There are seams yes, but my experience with Procreate was that it handles them correctly.

Yes. Because the UVs just do not look right at all. I do not have many screenshots because I gave up but procreate looks like this. You can see the seams easily in the eyes

So…is there anything in Android I can use to work with the UVs?