About the way you can transform Backgroundimages since 1.44

First, i want to thank you, for your amazing work.

The free transform is great, but couldn’t you have left the sliders in? (Together with the free transform) I like to sculpt the rough shape with silouettes. Before 1.44 i simply saved a cameraview and remenderd the numbers for position and scale when i switched reference images. Now i can’ t even have the backgroundimage completly straight, when i want to scale the image.
Or is it possible, to link the background transform to a saved camera view?

Same here. Would be cool to have precise options left.
I made rule of third background and want to place it perfectly. Finger transform is cool but not precise. And even if it‘s looking precise, I want to check numbers…it‘s in my DNA


I did notice that it seems to snap to vertical when you get it close.

I’d definitely appreciate sliders too, though. Or being able to save background positions, maybe along with saved views.


Yeah, one have to say that transform options are a serious step ahead. Imagine this when once stencil painting will be possible!?
Choose paint brush.
Choose background image.
Now you need an extra shortcut button for quick access transform background image when paint brush is active.
Bam! What an extra cool & easy way to place your stencil to paint on your object.
But only if transform background image option is accessible via main UI!!

But precise positioning is mandatory imho.
@Tomcat1789 has a serious smart way to use background image. A camera link would be a nice addition to place image precisely.
I would also love to see a “object” link to place image in object centre, link, and now you can rotate background image with object = :sunglasses: cool for first reference shape block out.

Ok…If stencil painting - painting background image onto object- , is once implemented, we could do that by our own with a plane :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


All like zbrush

But with the glory of touch awesomeness :grinning:

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Yes please, that would be great!


Wohuuu! This is great! Only thing missing now is the ability to put the camera views somewhere on the interface!

I only noticed it now, that the slider are back! Thank you :slight_smile: