Reference image finger transform center

It would be a bit better if the reference image scale/rotate was done around the area of the gesture, it’s at the center of the image at the moment.

It’s only an issue when using a large reference image collage of several smaller images that I’d zoom into.

I think you can make it with plane mesh with uv texture, but the problem is you can also sculpt in there, we don’t have a feature that you can “lock” them; or maybe you can Request A Feature to have an extra gesture slot to act like a switch for a background/reference image edit mode.

For example

  • Triple tap at the background/reference image
  • Then it should be able to edit the background/reference image. Something like zomm, pan, etc.

The transform reference button is ok for me, the more special gestures there are, the more I tend to accidentaly trigger them :slight_smile: