Background image resets when entering transform mode

Possibly already added to the pending list of fixes / additions - when working with a background image that has been transformed, re-entering the transform mode resets the image to its default scale / rotation. This is a pain when you want to tweak it’s location whilst working.
I realise that the image background is going to be saved on a per-camera-view basis in the next iteration but don’t remember this reset to default happening in previous builds??

That’s weird, I just tested and mine isn’t doing that. :thinking:

I think it’s when the image is large and is zoomed in by a large amount. Doesn’t always do it. So strange.

It’s fixed in next 1.48, the transform sliders have a min/max range that you probably exceeded with manual transform.

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Thanks Stephane, I always feel bad adding a bug to the list. You are doing such an awesome job with keeping on top of small bugs like this, whilst also adding new features.