1.90 on android can't write on Bindings search bar

Bug reports
So following with my issues with the new nomad, trying to fix the snap cube issue I was trying to find if I was missing a setting in bindings menue and I wanted to write snap cube, but Imcan not, with finer or pen nothing happens when I clcik on the search bar. I dont get an option to write.

So what I was trying to avoid by not updating has happen, instead of sculpting I have used a couple of houres trying to fix the issues, this is the other one , the snap cube one
https : //forum.nomadsculpt.com/t/nomad-1-90-snap-cube-gets-hidden-behind-tool-bar/15623

Closing the app restarting the device, galaxy tab s9 ultra with android 14, didn’t fix the issues.

It’s not a bug, it’s the binding menu: you need a physical keyboard

But in 1.84 i was able to just search with the android keyboard.
Why a physical keyboard if it is a mobile app?

Nah, I don’t think what you say are true (or it was a bug, the virtual keyboard shouldn’t open).

It’s a KEYBINDING menu, the only use case is to use a keyboard with it…
If you don’t have a keyboard, just ignore the menus.

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Ok I understand now.
Is just to set up. like short keys.
Maybe I did it in the beginning, when I was using a a windows tablet with bluestacks.
That tablet has an attachable keyboard.