Clipstudio Tabmate Pro support?

I have a Tabmate Pro for the Android Clipstudio app and I think it would be nice if Nomad supported it

It is a one handed bluetooth keyboard with a scroll wheel CLIP STUDIO TABMATE

It sends normal key up and key down keystrokes like any keyboard, but in a “strange” range (scanCodes ~300-700)

I noticed there’s already automatic keyboard mapping in the demo. Maybe it could be extended so also smooth, mask and Radius (scrollwheel +/-) and scanCodes outside of the standard ASCII range could be mapped.

That should already be enough to support this device and similar devices (don’t know of any others :woozy_face:). If it makes sense I can make a list of the exact scan codes/button mapping.

I support any keycode, it will be displayed as « scan xxx » if I don’t recognize it.

It didn’t react to keypresses on the Tabmate, but maybe they were just filetered out by the browser

Is there a possibilty already btw for remapping ctrl and shift to another key that I missed? might make sense for the tabmate

No, that’s not how it works, you map actions, not keys.

For now most actions are exposed except:

  • smooth/mask/sub hold-shortcut
  • camera pan/zoom controls

Makes Sense, would be nice to have these especially smooth/mask/sub mappable.

It could work around the issue with on Android finger/pen being mutually exclusive.

Hope I’m not annoying but any chance to get these 3 extra ‘hold’ keys into the key bindings list? (Plus a radius+ and a radius- for the wheel).

This would already make support for the tabmate (and similar devices) complete

I will not add key remapping but only exposes the missing actions.

(You can clone actions to have multiple keys on it).

Thanks, awesome! I meant to say ‘action’ this time but again ‘keys’ came out :slight_smile:

I just added them in the web demo.

Cool. But atm I get ‘Scan 0’ for any key pressed on the tabmate.

Might be because of the web demo. It’s going to be the first thing I try when the Android version comes out.

I tested 1.66/1.67 with the Tabmate on Android and it works very nicely, thanks for implementing the new action mappings btw!

I think there’s still a bug with unrecognized scancodes bindings (repro steps):

  • Starting with the default key mapping (Reset), create bindings for some keys that have unrecognized scancodes, exit Nomad

  • Start Nomad again, enter the bindings editor before pressing any of those keys

  • Press one of those keys

  • Now instead of only the mapped one, ALL “Scan XXX” entries will be highlighted, the menu closes and Nomad freezes for a while

  • When trying to map one of those keys, “A” appears instead of “Scan XXX”

It’s easy to work around this: Just press one of the mapped keys before entering the bindings editor, all will be fine for the rest of the session then.

One thing lastly, any chance to get a radius +/- 5 steps mappings exposed? :smiley: That would make it possible to use the wheel and make the Tabmate integration perfect.

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I spoke too soon, the bug also appears sometimes when pressing one of the mapped “scan code” keys without entering the menu

It looks like in this event, a scan code hotkey triggers multiple scan code hotkeys simultaneously