1.66 Beta - Direction Cube

Ever since settling into Nomad as the go-to sculpt app, I’ve been in the habit of tapping at the top corner to toggle a tool palette rather than the default tool ribbon.

Doing this as the very first thing getting into the beta, I notice the direction cube has disappeared. But I believe it’s staying planted behind the palette. I believe that before the beta, it would dynamically move itself whether the palette or ribbon was occupying that corner.

I’ve come to rely on the availability of the Direction Cube as a way to ensure I’m absolutely in one of the orthographic views (one tap) or as a way to zoom into the selected subtool (double tap)

Screenshot of it hidden behind the tool palette

While in a similar vein of conversation, is there any reason why Nomad can’t memorize my preference for a palette (rather than ribbon) next time it restarts? This seemed to be something I had to change at the very start of a sculpting session before the beta.

You cannot save different views, there is only one.

You can simply double tap on the background, it’s easier.
i’ll see for the cube positioning, but offset the cube is not a robust solution.