ZRemesher from Zbrush now in Forger

I love Nomad but this is pretty… interesting :eyes:

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I actually tried it. Forger does have some really interesting and impressive features. But overall it’s a trash app in my eyes for many reasons. However I do wish we get such tools in Nomad. Nomad is love!


I tried some other stuff and wrote about it here:


Oh I didn’t see that post… Very interesting what you’re saying, I didn’t imagine that ZRemesher would work so poorly :roll_eyes:

This is proof that no matter how much money and people you have to develop an app — in the end what matters is the talent of the developers!


I love working with nomad, but I use the forgerapp to remesh.
It makes a better topology to animate afterwards in cinema4d


I agree on the quality on the default ZRemesher in Forger. As of now, there are no boolean operations or subtractive remeshing like in Nomad. For hard-surface stuff it works really well placing a minimal number of poles in places where they don‘t affect shading. I would do the block out in nomad and then zremesh in forger, then UV unwrap in nomad for texturing in Procreate, back to render in nomad with global illumination.
The guides did not work at all to control the edge flow.