Worst performance on galaxy tab s9

hello I want to report bad performance on the galaxy tab s9, navigation stutters when rotating, zooming and transforming, this started happening after update since 1.85 to 1.90
when using nomad sculpt version 1.84 stuttering never happened,
and I tried the web demo version of Nomad Sculp 1.91, the performance is much better than the application on my galaxy tab s9, can the performance of the web demo be applied to the application version?

Is it the Tab S9, S9+ or S9 Ultra?

galaxy tab s9 11" snapdragon 8 gen2,
I compared it with my cellphone with Snapdragon 865 specs, the same file and the same settings, on my cellphone I don’t have any problems with stuttering, the number of polygons in the file is only around 3 million.

I don’t replicate the performance difference.

what device are you using? because other devices besides the Galaxy Tab S9 don’t have this problem, if you use the Galaxy Tab S9, try creating more than 5 objects, and each object has more than 500 thousand polygons, if there’s just one object there won’t be any problems with stuttering, even if one the object has 5 million polygons,

Same, Galaxy Tab S9, no stuttering with default settings (at least not worst than web).