Workflow idea: Aesthetically beautify or customize parts that you downloaded from Thingiverse

Aesthetically enhance or customize parts downloaded from Thingiverse. Shown here is how I embellish a bottle cap opener that will be mounted on the wall as an example:

We recreate a simple part. We had the template developed by an AI.

We downloaded the dimensionally relevant part from Thingiverse, which will be integrated into the smiley we built.

Simply import any .stl file, mask the dimensionally relevant geometries and let your creativity run free. Then, slice and print.

Main Target group are fablab users and fdm printer owners who only print downloaded CAD files so far. Goal is to offer them an entry level approach to CAD with Nomad Sculpt and focus on aesthetics, not measurements and engineering (although you have to keep in the limits of fdm printer capabilities).
In the professional field, the product development is similarly split up between Engineers and Designers.

You should take a look at (not yet available though)

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Interesting, and something similar wil make 3d modeling (to a certain degree) without any skill avaliable to the masses. Good for 3D printer business, I guess.

I used
for concept visualisation. In this KI Software, you can upload an image and change the outcome with keywords and a range of switches. Great for testing out design concepts quickly or (as shown above) to make the ideation process easier for people without creativity.

An example:

Base image, a free sculpture, made from the tube feature that had 2 instances.

Keyword “vase”

Keyword “Octopus arms”

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