WIP, Basalisk

This is a design of a Basalisk from Tony Deterlizi’s book “Arthur spiderwicks feild guide”. I love his work.
I’m using this model to play around with stamps for texturing… I downloaded a bunch of lizard and human skin alphas and went to town on this guy. Figuring out the feathers on his chest is gonna be challenging :).
I’ll post more as I get further.


Looking great!

Very nice detail.
You could try creating one simple feather and then cloning it multiple times to create several and then voxel merge them. In sure you’ll think of a good way. :+1:t2:

Thanx Charles!

Thanx Adam. I looked up some ideas online that folks have used in zbrush. There’s some pretty good reference out there… I think I’m gonna try your approach. I’ve seen it done on other models, and if done right, it can be pretty convincing.
More to come…

Very good indeed…

Thanx Drmabuse!

I spent a little time working on the feathers today. I’m happy with the direction they are going. They still need a ton of work, and it’s an interesting balancing act between adding detail and making it too visually complex, so this is a fun challenge.


Looks awesome. Love the detail