Dragon sculpt

I’ve been playing around with the tube tool, and I’m really digging it… it’s really easy to block in poses and rough forms… I’m starting a dragon with this technique… I’ll post more as I go



Looks very promising!


How did you do the flat wing surface?
Thinking about “Box primitive + Trim tool”? Or Triplanar?

Here’s a little update… I started fleshing out some basic forms
The wing was done with box/trim… but that’s a place holder… the real trick will be making the non-flat version :slight_smile:


Work has kept me away from working on this guy lately, but I got to put in a couple more hours over the weekend… still roughing in forms… this guy will be tricky to keep poly count in line… I might bring it into Zbrush at some point to use the remesher to help out
Here’s my update: