Why using Procreate for 3D?

There is no tool for that, at least not in current version (And I wonder if they even plan to add tools for 3D texturing as they don’t even seem to be able to enable texture resolution changing - or just don’t care)

If you have neatly packed symmetrical UV map (cannot be done in nomad or in any other app on iPad), then you can switch to 2D mode in procreate and copy+mirror the paint layer. Maybe there’s another workaround I’m not aware of.

I worked with a shitton of scans with some insane polycount in zbrush back in day when reality capture didn’t even do texture projections, and not once did I manage to get decent texture out of vertex paints.

Even though procreate’s tools for 3d are rudimentary and mostly look like unfinished gimmick, if you need textures nomad can’t help. The fact that even after years procreate don’t even allow to change resolution makes me think they just don’t care about 3D at all.

I tend to use zbrush and substance painter so going ipad feels like a heavy downgrade at times. But I tend to do more on the ipad because its easier to get started sculpting and i can do it anywhere.

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We need to be fair.
Savage implemented 3D in last major update.
Not much has been released since then, except bug fixes, if I remember correctly?

The day I started this thread was before Nomad supported UV generation and export. With next Nomad release import export back and forth should work as I understood. Makes it more interesting.

About texture resolution in Procreate, I remembered there is something one can do, searched for it and found this post by @StefanJohnsson in Procreate forum I would like to copy in here:

There is the hack of exporting your model to the files app and then importing the texture back into Procreate and change the resolution there. Then put the texture back in the folder as png with original file name and dropping the whole folder back into Procreate. It works well to increase the resolution but does seem to work with decreasing it. At least not with the info on the canvas.

Thread in Procreate forum

I know there were more discussion’s about changing texture resolutions in Procreate. Look for yourself or maybe Stefan can help?

One thing is for sure:
On my computer sits zBrush, 3Dcoat, 3ds max, Blender….
But most of the time I use my tiny, shitty iPad with crap file organisation and backup to do 3D sculpting :rofl:

But I don’t need it on a daily base and mostly for myself. I would hesitate doing bigger jobs on iPad.

Same with 2D painting. But the situation is different there. When it’s about painting, I like the apps even more on iPad. But I am missing verve painter.
Nomad shows, that 3D is coming to iPad as well. Just a question of time and money one would like to spend. :vulcan_salute:

Procreate holds significant potential for hand-painted, especially stylized, texturing in 3D. Version 5.2 already shows great promise, especially considering it’s the initial release. I’ve explored other desktop options like Substance Painter, Armorpaint, Quixel Mixer, Blender, and more. Among these, Substance is excellent but often feels like overkill for my specific needs. Armorpaint, on the other hand, could be a decent option if it weren’t plagued by instability and numerous bugs, with a user experience that leaves much to be desired. download Procreate mac

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In the digital age, artistic expression has transcended traditional mediums, and Procreate has been at the forefront of this revolution. Procreate is a versatile digital painting and illustration app that has taken the creative world by storm.

Thank you for your appreciation!
I’m delighted that you’re enjoying this conversation.

5.2 is the actual release, not just the initial release. They have not made any improvements or changes since then and Knackis original post here still rings true.
The only reason I still dip my sculpts into procreate is to fix up texture maps on scanned parts. I don’t need symmetry for this (which procreate lacks) but I do need cloning (which Nomad lacks).

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thanks for sharing this
its wonderfull for me to using Procreate mac