New Procreate

The new Procreate will allow painting 3D models! :open_mouth:


I spotted in the Apple event😍
That’s will be awesome


Really exciting news, I hope Stephane reaches out to the guys at procreate to help make jumping between nomad and procreate as seamless as possible :grin:


Yeah I wasn’t paying close attention but looked back in time to see someone drawing on an AR model of a bike and thought “wait what’s happening here”, then it cut away.


And @stephomi answering for procreate

It’s being hot topic on discord at some point.


I wonder if it would be possible to do any kind of app-linking with a 2d app…

Since Nomad doesn’t do color texture projection, maybe it can screen grab and send it to an app like procreate to do color projections and adjustments (like old school Zapplink in zbrush before they got robust texture projections internally)?

Maybe much too pie-in-the-sky idea. Probably be easier to support it natively…Lol!

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I don‘t believe anything before seeing it. On each Apple event, those guys pretend to have reinvented the world. What‘s left when you hold it in your hands and use it is important.
Same with new Procreate. There is nothing shown except some strokes on a simple 3D model, and some AR thingy shit a, a few nice pics unveiling nothing and the fanboys are going wild.

I am not convinced. The time and effort they put in 3D stuff would have been better spent in solving all the little requests lasting since ages on top without anything happening.

Yeah, after my initial excitement I think it may be a very limited dry run for the future, fine for hobbyist AR doodlers but no where near enough features for budding or experienced texture artists.

Might have to raise the point in procreate forum, do it properly with a dedicated 3D app or not at all.

I guarantee Adobe will churn out a watered down ‘mobile’ substance painter very soon

Adobe’s business model will not hold up on iPad for the sole reason that adobe and the big names sometimes forget that what made them successful in the world is above all the disconcerting ease of finding programs for free and illegally (yes that counts in the balance) then me economic models with a subscription I avoid them like the plague, I do this for my leisure and like many out of passion but if you have to subscribe to each software it is not possible . You will see Nomad will have the same success as procreate thanks to its economic model and obviously its quality.

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We’ll see. Substance Painter is one app I never touched. I can’t afford to use it in a moment where my business is still in COVID lockdown. Anyway I really need to have a look on it. What I saw is simply amazing. A pity they sold to Adobe.

But an iPad version? I haven’t touched iPad Photoshop after first disappointment, again. Watered down can be unusable in Adobe speech.