Am I the only one here who wished to have an Ipad?

Many times I came across posts about how great it is to work with Nomad Sculpt + Procreate.

I often skip these posts because it would only make me jealous. :pensive:

It’s gonna be a long way for me to collect money to buy an iPad…

If only Procreate came to Android. Or maybe a 3D painting app just like it.

Too bad, I recently gave one away with the pen and a free copy of procreate and nomad sculpt. And they don’t use it as much as I hopped.

I hope you get one Nomad Sculpt is great!

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As someone who has an iPad, I think you would really enjoy and use an iPad. I know I do at least. It’s become my primary computer. I use Nomad Sculpt for my 3D work, and Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher for my professional graphic design work on my iPad. I have never used Procreate, but have considered buying it because I like what I’ve seen of it. I’d definitely recommend getting an iPad. :+1:t2:


Oh I wish I was that lucky. :grin:

I have “hopes” right now but it’s still probably gonna take a few months for me to be able to buy an iPad.

My main reason to get an iPad is for the Procreate.

But today I just found out about this 3D modeling app (the name starts with letter V), it looks cool from the presentation video on YouTube and it’s currently also only available on AppStore.

I guess one more reason to get an iPad because as we all know, Nomad Sculpt doesn’t officially have poly modeling tools yet.

So I guess for now this app named V****** could be our little help.

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You can name it, no problem: Valence 3D
And sharing between Nomad and Valence works fine.


I’m like you, I realize that my iPad Pro 2018, even if it is still efficient for Nomad, is no longer efficient for other applications that have arrived and will arrive. However, it’s an investment and there is no question of spending on a new entry-level iPad Pro M2 only to have the same problem in 2 years. So the ideal configuration is an iPad pro 12.9 M2 (as long as there is no M3) and 1TB of storage to have 16GB of Ram and be comfortable for years in principle, only here it is… 2350 € this configuration…

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You don’t have to wish, you can work, save, and buy what you want.

You have your goal of an iPad.
Divide the cost of an iPad by the money you can afford to save each month, that will give you a date you can work towards.

If money is super hard for you, then get a 5 year old used iPad. I’m still using my 2018 iPad for Nomad and it still works great.

I just checked Amazon, a refurbished 2018 iPad Pro is only $379.95. That’s only $31.67 a month.

I believe you can reach that goal.


Thank you for the mention about Valence! I had never heard of it before you mentioned it, I guess it only came out a couple weeks ago, but it looks like it would be the perfect solution for some of my projects! Nomad Sculpt is by far my favorite 3D app, but I think that Valence could help fill in a couple gaps like simple edge chamfering, object alignment, etc! :+1:t2:

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Awesome, great to know, I will probably buy it, because it looks like it would nicely fill in a few gaps in my workflow such as simple edge beveling, object alignment, etc. :+1:t2:. I think Nomad is better for most things, but I think that Valence may be helpful for some of the modeling tools. Being able to move files between them would make that possible for my workflow, so I’m glad to hear that it actually works! :+1:t2:

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Two years? I would imagine that most new software for the iPad in 2 years will still support older iPads, the M1 model at the very least. You may have some hardware specific limitations such as hardware ray tracing which is included in the M3, but I doubt that any apps will drop support for the M1 in 2 years. That wouldn’t fit with the software support we’ve generally seen with apps.

I totally agree with you that it’s an investment, that’s exactly the way I looked at it when I bought mine. Originally I thought I’d be using it as a secondary tool, but I discovered after using it that it’s far more robust then some people make it sound, and so it’s become my primary computer. I do have a Mac Mini, and I use that for specific things, but my iPad has really become my primary computer that I use probably at least 90% of the time for my professional work (and recreational use). :+1:t2:

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Thank you guys for the advice & support. :blush:

I agree that Nomad Sculpt will still be my most favorite tool. Especially for making high poly arts. And I don’t need to care so much about the poly count.

And I will probably use Valence 3D for when I need to create game assets that need to be as low poly as possible.

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