When exporting, some objects are larger than they were prior to exporting

When I export as a GITF, the exported file shows some of the items in the sculpture as larger than they were in the sculpt design that was exported. For example, if its a realistic sculpt of a persons head that I export, the exported file will have the teeth/gums portion of the sculpt as twice the size of the head, no longer seated properly in the mouth of the character. After exporting the GITF file, I am viewing it both in Windows 3D viewer and Blender, where I am seeing the size discrepancy of the objects. If I import the item back into Nomad, it looks as though it should.

I am relatively new to 3D modeling and am working from a base model iPad running the current version of Nomad. When exporting, I have all checkboxes ticked except for ‘Export Selection Only’.

Any help is appreciated.

I think I fixed it for the next release.
Try to go in gizmo menu and hit “bake” before exporting, to see if that’s the issue I have in mind.

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Where would I find this option?

I looked in the submenu for the gizmo tool and only have the option to Save, Clone, Reset, or rename. On the top menu gizmo tool options there isn’t anything mentioning Bake, only Gizmo tool settings for Transform Operation, Action, and Matrix Sphere, as well as some pivot and widget size settings.

Sorry, I had multiple selected and the menu was different in that view. I found it with the help of this video also: Why is it important to Bake Gizmo before Exporting | Sketchfab | Nomad Sculpt - YouTube

I’ll give that a try and report back. Thanks!

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I just tried exporting again and it looks like you were spot on, sir. Thank you very much for the help. :blush:

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