What is the difference between the "PRB" and "PRB - UV" modes?

Hi, sorry if the question is novice as I am very new to 3D sculpting.
I can’t understand the difference between the “PRB” and “PRB - UV” modes. Nothing changes when I click on either.
I checked the documentation but could not find clarification.

Thanks in advance.

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It’s PBR :relaxed:
PBR UV supports texture UVs.
As you can’t paint on texture UVs, with is a 2D unfold of your 3D models surface, you can only see the difference if you import models with painted UVs from Procreate, sketchfab etc.

You can use the imported models along with your sculpt or to use Nomads better render for models painted in Procreate or other 3D applications.

A possible workflow could look like this:
Sculpt in Nomad,
Decimate parts till you are below 100k tris
Generate UVs in Nomad
Export to Procreate
Paint in Procreate (no symmetry available there)
Export to Nomad.
Render in Nomad.

This makes sense, if you want or need UVs for final use.

When a nice render is your only use, UVs are not necessary as you can use Nomad Polypaint.


Thanks a lot @knacki . not sue why I wrote it the wrong way around :slight_smile: I will try to put what you explained in action so I can understand more. cheers.

Don’t forget that Procreate has much more tools to paint.

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