What battery life do you get while sculpting?

Obviously this will depend on what iPad / tablet you’re using & exactly what you’re working on, but I’m curious to know what’s ‘normal’ if that’s possible.

Today I sculpted for apparently only 2.15 hours on my 2021 M1 iPad pro & the battery went from full to 5% in that time.

I was working with low res shapes, mostly in mat cap, occasionally subdividing as I went on & switching to lit pbr w/ post processing occasionally to check my progress under different conditions.

When I started my brightness was approx 80% so I turned that down to 60%ish when I realised I’d hit 35% battery a bit faster than I’d like, I also had Pinterest open for reference & hadn’t closed down safari & Spotify in the background, but still I was surprised at how quickly it drained. I may be wrong but I don’t think it used to run out so fast, could I have I knackered my battery in less than 2 years? :grimacing::man_facepalming:

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I think that is pretty normal. With the same iPad I have more or less the same battery life. You can check the health of your battery in the settings of the OS btw. In the same window you can check which apps are draining the battery too. Hope that helps!

You have not charged your battery. The 16.3 system eats the battery. I had to factory restore the iPad and reload the backup and it’s great again. It’s a bug in v16.3. I hope it will be useful to many, my regards.

I don’t remember how to check the battery health on ipad, but with mine (ipad pro 2020 11‘ bought in january 2021) I can sculpt more than twice that time.
Smaller screen :thinking:

About 10h on iPad mini 5 (2019). Got Nomad’s res to 0.75 and screen brightness at about 20%, which both are very important to keep power consumption low. Also, wireframe eats some power, so keeping it off when not needed is useful as well.