My battery runs out very quickly

I notice that nomad is very greedy in battery, in general on my ipad pro I can easily leave it on standby for 4 days by having to use procreate or other for at least 6 hours. as far as nomad is concerned with a fully charged battery and a 700k project i barely take 3 hours. I know it takes a lot of resources but isn’t there a way to consume less while keeping the power of the application?

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  • use matcap
  • disable post process
  • reduce resolution in settings
  • flat color background
  • no outline
  • no wireframe
  • opaque objects
  • solo mode

All of the above will reduce gpu work.
I’ve never made some tests but I’m assuming the gpu is one of the culprit.

If you don’t interact with Nomad it shouldn’t use much battery (the ui and scene is not rendered), so not moving the camera aimlessly when you are doing nothing can help.

Obviously less polygons means less work for the cpu and gpu as well.


I forgot the post process while I sculpt. Thx :slight_smile: