Q: Post Process drain more battery

I like to sculpt with Post Process enable because Ambient Occlusion and curvature makes it easier to check the shapes.

My question is how much power/battery PP demands in general.

Curvature not much, occlusion a bit more.

The render resolution has a big impact as well.

May I ask… If Post Process is OFF, does it make any difference sculpting in Lit(PBR) Vs sculpting with Matcaps regarding performance/battery? (I don’t have any issues at all, I’m just curious). Thanks!

Matcap will always be cheaper.

Otherwise it depends on a number of things:

  • if there are refractive materials (visible on screen)
  • if there are subsurface materials (visible on screen)
  • the number of lights
  • the number of lights that casts a shadow

Each shadows requires an extra draw per object (whether it’s expensive or not will depends on the number of polygons of course).

Also for battery, the “max frame sampling” is an important parameter as well.
If you set it to 0, Nomad will do nothing the moment you stop interacting with the canvas (otherwise it needs to render multiple frame).
It can make a difference if those “micro-pauses” are frequent.