Energy safe with last version of nomad?

Hello, I have the impression that since the last update of nomad on ipados that the application uses less energy. @stephomi, did you work on this on the last update? because I have just checked my screen times on nomad since my last recharge and I have been at 4.30 hours of screen since Monday only for nomad and a little more than 1 hour on other app and my ipad is at 44% (I have not had much time lol). For info before the last update when I arrived at more or less 3:30 in nomad I had 20% left without having used another application. It’s great if it’s wanted so much the better if it doesn’t change anything lol.

I can’t do much about that, it’s up to how you are using the app, especially on the rendering side.

ah yes it can be the rendering and the deactivation of the post effect. I deactivate it automatically when he is in the sculpting phase.

it is even impressive what the special effects consume as energy