iPad screen suddenly “dimming”

Hey guys, first post here :slight_smile:

So this is something that has been happening since first time I’ve used Nomad months ago and it’s always present. I believe this is NOT a Nomad Bug, but an iPad “safety” measure. Let me explain.

When I’m sculpting specially high poly stuff, my iPad screen suddenly dims and things get darker. The iPad brightness setting is not changing and I already have played with all imaginable settings you guys can imagine (like auto-brightness) to see if this was not a setting but it’s not.

After searching for a while I found someone saying that actually the iPad have a security setting in place which automatically dims the screen if it gets TOO HOT. That was interesting because indeed I’ve noticed that this happens every time I’m working with high poly like I said and the iPad is kinda hot to touch. I’m using iPad Pro from 2019 btw.

Has anyone here experienced this or is aware of a potential fix for this issue? Is this something that only early Gen of iPads suffer from?

I only experience this while using Nomad btw.

Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions. I could make a video showcasing the issue if that helps.

Thank you!

I have the same issue

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Disable postprocess and lower resolution maybe.

It’s not a Nomad bug though.

Let’s not forget iPad doesn’t have fans… Reducing screen brightness is one way to cool it down.
Then it’s reducing the cpu clock speed, and then shutting it down (I guess… maybe it simply kill the app).


I also have the same issue on the same iPad. I knew that it was a heat issue though as I live in the tropics area of Australia. I have had several heat warnings appear on the iPad when I’m using it to take notes whilst in full sun on a construction site. It helps to take it off the folio keyboard to let it radiate the heat better.
Also, I’ve had the iPad fully shut down after getting too hot but never shut down in Nomad :smiley:

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Thank you Stéphane! Yes definitely not a Nomad Bug, I just thought I could get some tips by posting it here.

What I’ve noticed is that it basically happens every time, with lower res and post process off too. The difference is how fast it happens. For simple projects like that it takes around one hour or so of use to start happening. If things are pumped (like post process on and high res meshes) then it happens in 5 min or so.

Once it happens, the usually iPad tries to “recover” and sometimes brightness gets back up but just for a few seconds and goes back to low again shortly after that.

I wonder if this happens in the newer iPads too? I would definitely be happy to invest on one if it doesn’t, just for our beloved Nomad :grinning:

Thank you for the tip on the folio, I will remove it in case it happens again to see what happens.

What’s the version of your iPad?

That’s a very interesting point to know. I didn’t realize ipads had this feature.

On this subject,
I’ve actually made it a point to not use Nomad while being plugged in to charge. I’ve definitely noticed my ipad getting pretty warm on higher res models just by itself…So I just play it safe.

I’m sure it’s fine to do, but in my mind all that extra heat can’t be good for the longevity of the internals. It’s just too expensive of a device for me to replace :sweat:

It was quite a shock to me as I was doing a building survey, making drawings / taking measurements etc and in full sun, approx 35 degrees. Suddenly there was a caution triangle on the screen and the message said “ipad has overheated, cool down to continue”. I had to put it into an ice-box where I was keeping my lunch & leave it for half an hour before it would work again!!! :laughing:

I was talking about screen resolution, the option is in the settings menu.

Here’s a list a thing that could help My battery runs out very quickly - #2 by stephomi

Hmmm, I always thought this happens because of brightness regulation due to ambient light…even though I switched this function off :crazy_face:
Happens in any app here, time by time.