Visual glitches while rendering

Hi got thie issue when rendering in 4k and i think it happened on 1080p as well

This is the rendering port and when you exit the render it looks like this

It gets fixed when i reset the post processing but some times i have to restart the whole program.
In post processing i have every thing turned on except curvature, sharpness and vignete.
Shading is set up on PBR with 3 lights at use.

Hmm can you replicate the bug in a consistent way?
What is your device? Is it the Air 4?

I had this (but not that massive) a few times when I worked on Shrooom. Post processing on/off did the trick though.
I can’t remember the Nomad version, but posted it on February 26th. Must have been actual version of those days.
No issues for quite some time though.
IpadPro 10,5” 256GB

Are sure it wasn’t the curvature shader updated?
Or the sharpen post processing?

The issue that I mentioned is specific to the Air 4 and I think it’s a Apple issue, not a nomad one.
(Although I could probably find a workaround if I had the device but I only have the Air 3).

Device-specific are really annoying…

As I said, never had this up issue again, and on my side it was not covering background completely. It was more looking like a good glitch post effect which was fashion last years.

I’ll report with screenshot and documentation when ever this should happen again.

I can try to replicate it but so far it happens only with the post processing turned on and I use the 2017 ipad pro 10,5” model.

I got things mixed up, and I was thinking about another issue (black edges, but only specific to iPad Air 4).

For this glitch, maybe I could replicate on my iPad Air 3th but so far no issue.

Edit: I managed to have a black screen by activating everything in 4k. Then I tried again with the exact same setup and it worked fine.
A wild guess is that GPU can only allocated a limited amount and memory, but unlike the CPU RAM it doesn’t crash but instead give undefined behavior.
So there’s a bit of randomness, I probably won’t dig it further (unless it can be reproduced reliably without the 4k and everything else activated).