White border bleeding when blurring vertex paint

Thought it might have been related to alpha texture, but happens with alpha off and no falloff curve as well:

Same white border when painting metallic on non reflective Material, or vice versa.

Yes it’s a known thing, not really a Nomad bug, see Figure 32 The PBR Guide - Part 2 on Substance Academy

It’s worse with low resolution, so vertex colors doesn’t really help.

aww, that’s a bummer, but thanks for the info.

On the upside, i found a workaround…for anyone else that may come across this issue:
just blur across opaque layers and it should be fine. My examples above are blurring across transparent pixels which seems to really give it a hard time.

I would also note: I’m not blurring across metal and non-metal, so I don’t know if it will help in that regard.

i get the same thing. is there a way to have the white border pick the neighbouring pixels or the base layer material?.

i did some painting to concept and then decided to add more detail and retopo, but it broke painting.

Ah ok I didn’t get that it was about layers, not simply an interpolation issue.

I can indeed reproduce the issue, it doesn’t feel right, I’ll try to fix that.

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That’s great to hear, thank you!

cool model btw @mlnngton, out of curiosity what device are you on? Jealous of all that ram.

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I can confirm the issue is going to be fixed for the next release.


just using an ipad pro, nothing special really. its a 2 year old model. works good, but battery doesnt last super long and it gets super hot lol

also thanks @stephomi !

Seriously, thank you. You’re a rockstar!

I hope they give you a spotlight on the app store homepage, you deserve it.