Character turns metallic purple when panning and zooming

Hi everyone, I’ve experienced something for the very first time, where my character turns like metallic purple when panning and zooming and nomad starts to work weird. I was wondering if it’s because of the RAM issue. I have an 8Gb Ram M3 iPad Pro and my project was using almost 5Gb of it, mostly because of textures. Is this issue caused because of Ram memory? Thanks so much in advance :smiling_face:

There’s an M1, M2, and M4 iPad Pro. M3 iPad Pro was never released.

Sorry my bad, I wrote M3 by mistake. My question though is why my character was turning purple when I pan or zoom? Nomad was also blurring out at some point. Never experienced this before. I’m just trying to find out why and if it is because of RAM or no. Thanks

Also my iPad pro is M2 just to confirm :wink:


A 5GB Nomad file sounds insanely high, but I’ll admit I’ve not played extensively with textures let alone high-res textures that would make up a majority of that file size.

Have you tried saving a duplicate of the project and strip off the textures to pinpoint if the textures are at fault?

I know that Nomad on Apple Silicon can handle a fairly high vertex count per-object. In one sculpt I’ve been testing out, I have a single simple-merged (not re-topo’d) object that hit 8.5million vertices. It was a ~200 segment curve containing vertex paint -and- I turned on a bunch of post-effects (PBR, SSR, SSGI, vignette, depth of field, bloom, anti-aliasing, etc). A pre-Apple Silicon iPad Pro was able to twirl it around at a REASONABLE measured rate for all that it had to compute. In that twirling, no blurring nor metallic purple was observed. It lagged a bit when the twirling got fast, but that was about it. On the M4, it kept up without issue.


Hi :smiling_face: thanks so much for your reply.

My file is a low poly version which I have baked from the high poly. The whole entire scene has 65k vertices but the Ram that it’s using is around 4 to 5 Gb. :sweat_smile:

Textures were all baked at 4k. Sorry to ask but how do I strip textures to pinpoint? Not sure if I understood.

I will also attach a picture of what’s going on with it once I get to the iPad if it helps.

Thanks so much

This is the issue I have experienced. Not sure if you could help me with this or know if anyone could assist me. Thanks

Are you using matcap display? Any rendersetting? I think he meant is opening the lowpolymodel in nomad before you bake it the switch around see if its any individual part causing the problems. Did you use nomad only or another program?

Hi thanks for your reply.

No I am not using any Matcap display and yes only Nomad Sculpt I have used to sculpt the entire character. I just wanted to open a bit his mouth so I can fit in the teeth and tongue and after that it starting to become like that. Only this file though. Others have not made the same issue.

Nomad kind of freezes when it becomes purple and and I will need to reload the file. It happens when I turn swipe/zoom/pan the camera (trackball)

Was wondering why. Haven’t done anything different. That is why I was wondering if it’s the Ram or something but I am not sure.

Also I am using PBR only

Might not be the issue but for the sake of your device try use matcap mode (i recommend pxg-white) or flatshader while actively working on it (especially when its baked or very high poly) and only use pbr & highres display settings when you want to do scenesetup & a final render. :sweat_drops:
then check your render/quality window if all those highquality boxes are ticked/red. While you work on your model tick those off and only use them for final render. Did you close the file at some point to clear out the history buildup? Updated ios and nomad? If not you should probably do that too

Thanks again for your reply. :smiley: I never use any render settings and neither lights or other stuff when I work. They are always switched off.

Also both Nomad and OS are updated to the latest update. I closed the file and opened it again but it still did it.

I will try to use a Matcap mode to see if does it as well. The issue is that this happened after everything was ready to export so basically there was no work done to do anymore but still I wonder why it happened.

If you look also at one of the pictures you can see that Nomad also blurs out/freezes a little when I try to rotate the character, (you can see that the wireframe is kind of blurring out of the character.)

Do you believe that it is due to a heavy Ram usage? Character is only around 65k vertices but I believe most of the RAM is due to textures.