Weird overlap with smooth shading

Hey all.

Firstly, love the app. EXACTLY what I’ve been wanting. Would have paid even more for it. Keep up the good work.

My issue;
I’m getting a weird overlapping of mesh between two objects combined and edited as one.
It looks like… someone has dragged a piece of rubber, causing broken dark smudges along the seam of the connection.
It only appears to happen with Smooth Shading enabled. Without smooth shading, it’s not AS bad but zoomed in I can see a cross-stitch looking section along the seam.

On iPad (7th Gen)

The mesh grid is turned on simply to show the placement of the line relative to the two meshes meeting. But the line remains with or without the mesh grid.

Screen shot would really be useful for a diagnosis.

Apologies. I did not see the option to upload an image before.

What’s happened there is the mesh has folded in on itself (like a crease in a jumper). Mesh acts like a sock (if explaining it simply) - two sides and hollow by default. It can be warped in on itself etc. You could try using the Smooth tool at a really really high intensity - 4-5000 and trying to rub it back into shape, otherwise there’s no real fix for it without altering mesh topology significantly (like trimming it out, adding a primitive to block it in + voxel remeshing it all)

Smoothing doesn’t help because this is two separate items merged. It’s an overlap, as opposed to a single item’s crease.

Gotcha - just use the Voxel Remesher, it’ll re-organise the entire topology and should absolve anomalies such as that. You’ll lose some minor surface detail, but it can be re-applied easily.

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Oh! Thank you very much!
I will try when I get a chance and let you know how it goes!

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Worked like a charm!
Thank you very much!

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Might be do to non-coplaner polys. If you seperate the two, does it still happen?