Voxel merge scans

Im trying to merge 2 scans I have - one is 1.75 M vertices and the other one 285 K. Whatever I try I end up with the merged object at 954 K vertices. I’ve tried changing the resolution slider and the result is the same even if I put it up really high. If I try merging only the higher res scan with a sphere I can get any resolution I want by moving the resolution slider. Could the scan I have be corrupted? Or what could be the issue? I also tried 2 other scans and ended up with a higher resoltuion, but again nothing changed if I merged it with the resolutions slider in differentt high positions.

There’s an hardcoded limit for the voxel remesher to avoid crashes, is the mesh big (in term of bounding box?)

Yes, its large. A body scan (low res) and a head scan (higher res).

That explains it. Maybe simple merge is the more useful way in these instances?

900k seems low.

If you can, you can send the file to stephaneginier@gmail.com and I’ll take a loot to make sure there is no other issue.

If the head is really small compared to the body, yes voxel remeshing is a bad candidate at the moment as it’s using a uniform grid to do the remeshing.

So it’s not normal? It’s happening when not using multires.

Using multires can go as high up to crash lol.

Well without multires give a clean voxel as far as I’m using it. Not sure why just feel that way. Especially mount part.

And I never bring this up since 600k-700k for full body including head with quads topology is good enough for me.

Yes using multires you can go higher, because the voxel remesher is run at a lower resolution.

Basically the hard coded limit for voxel remesher with no voxel remesher is 1200 (it means the bounding box that encompasses your object is split in a 1200x1200x1200 grid).

Ah no wonder, but that good to know. :+1:t2: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: